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Vaginal Suppositories Dr Letter PDF Print E-mail

July 20, 2009

Dr. Doctor,

     I am the director of MOARK IC, an Interstitial Cystitis support group for Missouri and Arkansas. Our goal is to network patients and medical professionals throughout the region.  You can visit our website at www.moarkic.com .  We understand that treating IC is very individual and at times a long process. It is our hope to make this easier by providing support to the medical professionals as well as the patients.  One way we hope to do this is by letting you know of any safe and effective IC treatments that are available.

     I personally have IC and some complicating issue that make getting and keeping it under control difficult.  Therefore, my doctor and I have had to spend a lot of time and energy finding various coping tools to help.  One of the best of these has been vaginal suppositories.  Dr. Brookoff, a pain management doctor who specializes in treating IC, was the first to mention, in an ICN interview, that he was using these vaginal suppositories successfully.  Since that time many IC patients and I are now using them and find they help significantly with the spasms, pain, and burning, etc.  They also seem to help those patients with vulvodynia, urethral or clitoral pain, or for before or after the physical relationship as well.  I have read that Dr. Moldwin, author of the “IC Survival Guide”, is also now including them in his treatment protocol for patients.

       There are many different formula combinations of these; most contain diazepam and lidocaine etc.  My personal formula, which we have found works the best is:   diphenhydramine 10mg; diazepam 5mg; and lidocaine 2%.   Any compounding pharmacy can make these; however, we have found that Kevin Oberlander at Dakota Pharmacy has a real heart for IC patients.   He specializes in making custom and personalized treatments for patients.  He developed the one above for me. He prefers to work directly with the doctor, custom-making the medications to the needs of your patients, but will fill a request with prescription only.  The great thing about using these is the medicine is put right in the region that the medications are needed without the side effects of an oral medication. 

     Recently, Kevin has also developed a very helpful gel as well.  This is made with Silverbiotics gel, 15% MSM, and 2% lidocaine.  This gel is able to be made preservative-free, as are the suppositories above, since I, like some other IC patients, react to preservatives.  Silverbiotics is a soothing gel that has been shown to have anti-bacterial properties, (you can read more about it at www.americanbiotechlabs.com , MSM is anti-inflammatory and the lidocaine is numbing to the area.

      I personally use this gel on a daily basis, as well as use the vaginal suppositories at night, on bad flare days or before going on a long trip.  It is my understanding from another patient that Kevin also makes a cream using gabapentin for those with vulvodynia, etc too.  Any of these coping tools are only available with a prescription.  I hope you will consider using these in your treatment protocol.

      For more information or to send a script you can contact Kevin Oberlander, at Dakota Pharmacy, 1-800-290-7028, 1-701-255-1881, fax # 1-701-255-7226.  Kevin’s email address is , their website is www.dakotarx.com . (We do not receive any compensation from Dakota Pharmacy.  I am sharing this information only because I understand the pain of living with IC and want to help patients.)

      You can also feel free to contact me for more information, to be listed in our medical resources guide or to advertise your support group meetings etc.  There is no cost involved to do so!  Our goal is to become a vital resource networking those here at home.  Shelly Matthewson, www.moarkic.com, 417-255-1903, ,

      Thank you for your time.


      Shelly Matthewson
      Director of MOARK IC 

Jul 07, 2015 at 06:12 PM

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